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M A ^ E N Studio is a Philadelphia design studio that creates unique, customizable visual displays and pop-up shops.  The studio also offers beautiful print designs. The art director and owner Myrna Gutierrez has a M.S. in Surface Imaging. She has experience in visual display & merchandising, and textile print design.

Visual & Textile Print Designer

Passion for concept design, exceptional styling skills, strong initiative with ownership over product lines.

Driven, accomplished professional seeking to combine background in Visual & Textile print design with advanced education in surface imaging/textile design to fulfill a challenging new position in visual merchandising management. Capitalize on unique skill set to incorporate design and pattern into everything from fabrics to flooring to mannequins. Maintain unified, corporate brand message while filtering and customizing visuals and displays to according to regional needs, trends, and styles. Experience working with lifestyle categories, luxury brands, home interior, visual display, and companies from many different industries in a broad range of selling and marketing environments. Equally comfortable with both the creative and business aspects of merchandising, working across departments to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget while producing measurable results.